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“The Fourth Job Skill Tournament” of Guangzhou ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd. Successfully Concluded


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The three-month “the Fourth Job Skill Tournament” of Guangzhou ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd. successfully ended a few days ago. The tournament won warm response and full participation in many posts. After the preliminary and final, there were 9 first prize winners, 12 second prize winners and 13 third prize winners. On October 31st, 2009, the company held a grand summarizing and prize-giving convention and in the convention, the leaders issued honorary certificates and prizes to winners and encouraged them to make more efforts and lead more employees to improve their skill level and create a good situation of ORTE Photonics “colorful flowers blooming in the spring”.

“Job Skill Tournament” has become one of major traditional annual activities of ORTE Photonics and played a vital role in building a platform for employees to show their styles and unique skills and find out difference, creating a good atmosphere for studying operation skills and promoting the employees to improve their operation level and also productivity, product quality, and accordingly benefit of the company, and creating a healthy and active culture with corporate characteristics.



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