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Laser radar application combiner

Laser radar application combiner

Key Low Temperature Glass Welding Process Fully imported automatic production line The typical value of the leak rate is above 5.0×10-9 Pa·m3/s Economical high-quality devices to meet your different needs Monthly production of 600,000 active devices to meet your multi-model, high-volume short-term delivery requirements

Key words:

Laser radar application combiner

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Product Description

features application
High temperature resistance
Vehicle 3D Laser Scanner
lidar sensor
High Reliability Test Items
Pilot projects Test conditions Test time judgement standard
cryogenic storage Temperature: -45℃±3℃  500 hours II variation ≤0.50dB
RL meets specification requirements
PCE variation ≤10%

high temperature storage Temperature: +125℃±3℃ 2000 hours
High and low temperature cycle Temperature range: -45°C~+125°C Temperature change rate not less than 3°C/min

Holding time (@-40°C,@125°C): 15min
500 cycles
temperature shock Temperature range: -40°C~+105°C Holding time (@-40°C, @105°C): 15min The

conversion time between high temperature and low temperature≤30s
  100 times
mechanical shock Waveform: Half sine wave Experiment direction: 6 directions (3 axes)

Peak acceleration: 500g Pulse duration: 6ms
10 times in each direction


Coupler/Combiner for LiDAR Applications
structure unit 1×2 1×4 (2+1)×1 1X2
category / coupler beam combiner Membrane splitter
Working wavelength nm 1550 Pump: 940, Signal: 1550nm 940
working bandwidth nm ±20 ±20   one
model / 01/99 25/25/25/25 (2+1)×1 10/90
Room temperature performance
Insertion loss dB 19.00-21.00
7.00 0.25 11.2/1.0
Pump coupling efficiency % one   ≥90 one
Polarization loss dB 0.20 0.30 one 0.15
Uniformity dB one 1.00    
return loss dB 50 55 40 27
directionality dB 55 55 one 27
Full temperature performance
Insertion loss variation dB 0.20 0.20 0.25 0.25
Variation of pumping efficiency % one one ≤5%  
Fiber type / CORNING SMF-28 UItra Signal Fiber:SMF-28 UItra,
Pump Fiber:105/125(0.22NA),
Output Fiber:SM-GDF-1550
package size mm 2.4×25 3.0×54 3.5×35 3.6×28
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