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Career Development

Scientific qualification review system


Aiming at the differences in the ability and quality of each employee

Create a personal career development plan


Improve work ability through knowledge and skill training

After scientific review, get rotation/promotion opportunities

Various employee promotion channels

Various employee promotion channels

Diversified forms of staff training

Induction training

In actual work, the use of capable employees and old employees to guide new employees, to teach by example, to help each other, and to complement each other, really plays a role in helping and leading.

Key training

The company's business backbone, management, etc. are the key training objects. According to the actual situation, the management and business backbone are trained in batches and periods, and the actual "case" simulation and "distance network education" methods are used to train the company's backbone.

Difficult training

According to the actual business content, as well as the actual difficulties and hot issues encountered in the work, we conduct special training, invite professionals to teach, answer questions, and strive to apply what we have learned.

Professional skills training

According to different positions, the training department focuses on employees' work skills and conducts targeted training. Efforts to train a group of qualified high-skilled personnel for the enterprise.


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