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2.5G 1310nm/1550nm DFB-LD TO-CAN

2.5G 1310nm/1550nm DFB-LD TO-CAN

Key Low Temperature Glass Welding Process Fully imported automatic production line The typical value of the leak rate is above 5.0×10-9 Pa·m3/s Economical high-quality devices to meet your different needs Monthly production of 600,000 active devices to meet your multi-model, high-volume short-term delivery requirements

Key words:

2.5G 1310nm/1550nm DFB-LD TO-CAN

Product accessories:

Product Description

ORTE1312-1-1-A is a DFB coaxial
laser integrates a high-speed DFB-LD chip and a monitoring photodiode into a small-sized cermet tube In vivo encapsulation. It is designed
for SFP transceivers and other types of high-speed optical modules, as well as communications and data applications, including SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel and
Gigabit Ethernet. "    

Features Applications 

Low threshold current"    
1310nm typical emission wavelength    
" DFB-LD chip with MQW structure without cooler Use
TO56 coaxial package with 2.0 (mm) large bulb cap
Data transmission speed up to 2.5Gbps
Good high temperature characteristics"    
Gigabit Ethernet"    
passive optical network
electronic signal communication
data communication"    
mobile communication network optical transceiver    


Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Conditions Ratings unit
Reverse Volume(Laser Diode )
  2 V
Reverse voltage(Fhoto Diode)
  20 V
Forward Curent(Laser Diode)
  150 mA
Forwand Curent (Photo Dlode)
  2 ma
Operating Temperature   20-65
Slorage Temperaure   -40-95


Parameter Test conditions Min type Max   unit
Threshold Current CW   6 12    mA
CW 85°C     35
Slope Efficiency CW,Ith+20mA 0.4 0.45     mW/mA
CW,Ith+20mA,85℃ 0.23 0.27  
Output Power CW,Ith+20mA 8 9     mW
CW,Ith+20mA,85℃ 4.6 5.4  
Operating Voltage CW,Ith+20mA   1.18 1.5 V
Peak Wavelength CW,Ith+20mA       nm
Spectral Width CW,Ith+20mA     1 nm
Temperature Coefficient of Peak Wavelength CW, -20 to 85°C   0.09   nm/°C
Side-Mode Suppression Ratio CW,Ith+20mA 35 40   dB
Rise and Fall time Ib=Ith, 20-80%   100 200 ps
Relative Intensity Noise CW,Ith+20mA   -140   dB/Hz
Beam Farfield (Vertical) CW,Ith+20mA   30   Deg.
Beam Farfield (Horizontal) CW,Ith+20mA   25   Deg.
Monitor Output Current CW, Ith +20mA 100   1000 μA
Dark Current(PhotoDiode) Vwp=5V     100 n
Capacitance(Photo Diode) Vxp=5V,f=1MHz   10 20 pF
Focal Length   6.2 6.5 6.8 mm

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