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Corporate Mission——To be a global leader of optical fiber products

Enterprise Connotation——Win lies in execution, the devil lies in the details

Enterprise Core Values——Dare to be the first, strive to be first-class, refuse excuses and act immediately

Enterprise Spirit——Integrity, Coordination, Efficiency, Innovation and Sharing

Business Philosophy——People-oriented, technology-driven, internationally-focused, and sustainable development

Management Philosophy——Using Culture to manage enterprises

Management Principle——Manage people and minds, water trees and roots, everyone is in charge, and everything is in charge

Management Mode——Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Talent Concept——A talent staff is qualified for his work,an excellent staff is innovative

Product Philosophy——Reliability comes from profession, ORTE makes me at ease

Quality Working Mode——High standard,refinement,pursuit for zero defect and next process is the user

Principles Of Ideological Work——Enthusiasm to solve afflictions, sincerity to criticize mistakes, sincerity to do ideological work, three hearts in exchange for employees' loyalty to the company

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