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8pin mini &14pin 980nm Pumped Laser

8pin mini &14pin 980nm Pumped Laser

Unique glue control process to achieve high product reliability 50G/O BAND DWDM realizes mass production 100% full temperature test to ensure product quality Intelligent automatic production line With a monthly output of 300,000 micro-optical devices, it can meet your short-term delivery requirements for multiple models and large quantities

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8pin mini &14pin 980nm Pumped Laser

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Product Description

Description Description

QRTE⁸981-1-XXx-1-0 series 980nm pump laser components are specially designed for low-power fiber amplifiers and ASE pump light sources. The
coupling lens fiber is fixed by low-temperature glass solder, and the low-frequency current laser chip is selected to improve the reliability of the components. sex and stability.

Features Applications

14/8-pin butterfly package

With TEC and Monitor Photodiode(MPD) with thermoelectric cooling and control PD
Single Mode Fiber(H-1060)Coupling
Telcordia GR-468-CORE and RoHS Compliant
Meet Telcordia GR-468-CORE standard and RoHS

Low noise erbium doped fiber amplifiers/ASE low noise EDFA/ASE
High bit rate, multichannel digital EDFAs

Dense wavelength division multiplexing(DWDM) EDFAs for small
package Designs for small-sized DWDM EDFA
CATV system CATV system

Optical Fiber Gyro



Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter parameter Symbol symbol Min. minimum value Max. Unit unit Test ConditionsTest Conditions
LD Forward Current LD forward current I, one 1000  mA one
LD Reverse Voltage LD reverse voltage V, one 0.3 V  
TEC Operation Current TEC operating current iee one 2 A one
TEC Operation Voltage TEC operating voltage Vee one 4 V  
Storage Temperature storage temperature tag -40 85  
ESD Level anti-static level   one 500 V C=100pF, R=1.5KΩ,
Hum body model


Electrical/Optical Characteristics Electro-optical characteristics
(BOL,Tc=-25 ℃ to 70 ℃,TLD=25 ℃,-50dB reflection, unless noted otherwise )
minimum value

Max .
Threshold Current threshold current Ith mA one 50 80  
Optical Output Power output optical power p. mW 400 one one @600mA
600 one one @900mA
LD Forward Voltage laser forward voltage . V one one 2.5  
Center Wavelength . nm 972 one 985  
Spectrum Width △λ nm one one 1 RMS@-3dB
MPD Responsibility monitors PD responsiveness R m μA/mW 0.5 1 20  
TEC Current cooler current iee A one one 1.3 △T=50℃, lop=450mA
TEC Voltage refrigerator voltage Vwe V one one 3.5 △T=50℃, lop=450mA
Thermistor Resistance thermistor value n KQ 9.5 10 10.5 T=25℃

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