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10G 1310nm FP-LD TO-CAN

10G 1310nm FP-LD TO-CAN

Key Low Temperature Glass Welding Process Fully imported automatic production line The typical value of the leak rate is above 5.0×10-9 Pa·m3/s Economical high-quality devices to meet your different needs Monthly production of 600,000 active devices to meet your multi-model, high-volume short-term delivery requirements

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10G 1310nm FP-LD TO-CAN

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Product Description

"ORTE2312-5-1-C is an uncooled FP coaxial laser with a transmission rate of 10G and a center wavelength of 1310nm. It integrates a high-speed
FP-LD chip and a monitoring photodiode into a small-sized cermet tube. It is designed for SFP
transceiver devices     and other types of high-speed optical modules, as well as communication and data applications, including SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet."
"Data transmission speed up to 10Gbps
1310nm Typical emission wavelength
good High temperature characteristics"    
"TO56 coaxial package with 1.5 (mm) small bulb cap,
FP-LD chip with MQW structure without cooler"    
signal communicationMobile communication    
networkOptical transceiverData
Passive optical network , Gigabit Ethernet, SONET
mobile communication network optical transceivers,    
other optical transmission systems    

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol symbol Ratings Unit unit
Storage Temperature Tsg -40~+100
Operating Temperature Top -40~+95
Peak Optical Output Power PO 20   mW
Forward Current (LD) IFL 100   mA
Reverse Voltage (LD) Va 2 V
Reverse Current(PD) lep 10   mA
Reverse Voltage(PD) Vep 20 V
Soldering Temperature (<10see) Srewp 260


Parameter Test conditions Min type Max unit
  Threshold Current CW,Tc=+25℃   8.5 12 mA
CW,Tc=+85℃   15 20
Output Power CW,Ith+20mA 5     mW
CW,Ith+20mA,85℃ 4    
    Slope Efficiency CW,Tc=+Ith+20mA@25℃ 0.25 0.3   W/A
CW,Tc=+Ith+20mA@85℃ 0.2 0.25  
  Operating Voltage CW, If=50mA   1.25 1.6 V
  Center Wavelength CW,If =Ith +20mA 1290 1305 1320 nm
Spectral Width CW, Tc     3 nm
 Radiant Beam Angle CW, FWHM   28   deg
   Rise and Fall Time CW, If=Ith+20mA, 20-80%     50 p.s.
Monitor Current CW, Vrp=1V, @lf=Ith+20mA 100 300 1000 μA
 Monitor Dark Current Vrp=5V     0.1 μA
 Monitor Capacitance Vrp=5V,f=1MHz     5 pf



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