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Recently, Our Company Signed a Six-month Cooperative Agreement on Advertisement with China Fiber Optics Online (www.c-fol.net) and Renewed the Agreement on Advertisement with Infotone Communication Consultant (www.iccsz.com).


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ly, our company signed a six-month cooperative agreement on advertisement with www.c-fol.net and renewed the agreement on advertisement with www.iccsz.com, expecting to increase the marketing strength of high-reliability couplers, wavelength division multiplexers, polarization-preserving couplers, high-power combiners, PLC, isolators, optical fiber jumpers and other main products and actively expand national and international markets.

About China Fiber Optics Online
China Fiber Optics Online aims to promote the development of optical communication industry of China, synchronize latest information of world optical communications and build the optical online communication home of Chinese nations.
Established in May 2001.
With over 60,000 viewers monthly,
With over 14,000 E-magazine subscribers,
China Fiber Optics Online is a partner of the best worldwide optical network website Lightreading and Japanese magazine optom in China.

About Infotone Communication Consultant
Company Background
Infotone Communication Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2001 by a group of communication experts, management experts and advisory consultants of the international optoelectronics industry. It aims to provide comprehensive information services for the optical communication industry and promote the industrial development. Since its establishment, Infotone has always, based on the international forefront of management concept, management tools, communication technology and market development, by keeping a close contact with enterprises and listening to the most real voices, condensed and transmitted successful experience of professionals and excellent enterprises and provided professional consulting service for effective combination and successful application of management and communication so as to promote itself, serve the enterprise, and make contribution to the society.

Main Objectives
Infotone endeavors to assist Chinese optical communication enterprises in  becoming important production bases of the world optical communication industry, build a large perpetual business platform of optical communication production industry, promote healthy development of enterprises and introduce the worldwide advanced technologies, process and management to ensure that domestic enterprises meet the global requirements and reach the internationally first-rate level and build a globalized information platform of market, technology, and resources, so that Chinese photoelectricity enterprises synchronously train and recommend optical professionals with the world, consult market development direction, guide business operation, and offer technical support and investment guidance.



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