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New Year’s Speech


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Dear fellows,
We are about to say farewell to the extraordinary year 2009 and enter into a more challenging year of 2010. It’s inspiring that, at the end of 2009, through our concerted efforts, ORTE has achieved a speedy growth in sales revenue and profit on the basis of rapid growth in 2008 and completed the annual business goals in all round. I’d like to, on behalf of the Board and each department, express my congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all staff, concerned leaders, and sister units! Thank all of you for your hard work!

ORTE indeed had rough experience in 2009. Due to financial crisis, the market competition was extremely cruel and our orders were unstable, especially foreign orders. There were intense competitions between customers for survival. Only within one year, we have received several price reduction requirements and the cost made us under extreme pressure. However, with struggling spirit, our sales personnel have received good results by actively exploring new markets and tapping potentials of old customers, achieving significant growth of foreign trade performance. This year, we will also integrate the business of NOC. The incorporation of asset, business, and human resources are progressing smoothly, succeeding in seamless docking and the integration goals 1 +1 is greater than 2. The R & D personnel has contributed a lot and achieved satisfactory results in new products R & D and technology research, making the Year of Years in quantity increasing and efficiency of new products and laid a soiled foundation for follow-up product structure adjustments. As our quality management continues to maintain the high level, we have received high praises during five high-professional investigations and won the top prize of the test of “Domestic Coupler Manufacturers’ Products Reliability Comparative Analysis” held in Dalian Institute of Technology by a large margin, which had a great impact in the industry and enhanced the company's image and reputation greatly. After a series of skills and corporate culture trainings during last year, we have obtained more and more obvious effects in culture construction and remained sound in human resource development, sophisticated production management, quality management and other aspects. Thanks to ORTE’s excellent performance, many military units have chosen to use ORTE products and the users are still growing. Therefore, the company has fulfilled its enterprise responsibilities.

The year 2010 is the starting year of our Group’s 211 strategic goals, so we should take this opportunity to plan and build ORTE well. Though we would encounter new difficulties in 2010, I am deeply convinced that after several years of practices and trainings, our team has been well prepared to withstand any challenges. In 2010 ORTE will witness a faster and greater development, talent display of ORTE people, as well as the opportunity to achieve personal values. I believe we will succeed.

I wish all staff a Happy New Year, and a happiness family!

Thank you!
Zhi Jian, General Manager of ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd.
Dec. 30th, 2009



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