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Introduction to Passive Optical Modules


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 Passive optical module products mainly include: CWDM Module, DWDM Module, CCWDM Module, MWDM Module, LWDM Module, OTDR Module, Splitter Module, etc.

 Main functions of passive optical module products: 

 1) Mux Module (multiplexer): It is used at the transmitting end. The function of this module is to synthesize optical signals of different wavelengths by different devices into one COM end for output, so as to facilitate transmission.

 2) Demux Module (wave splitter): used at the receiving end, the function of this module is to separate the optical signals of different wavelengths incident from the common end (COM end) of the module by different devices.

 3) OADM Module (Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer): The function is to download and use several optical signals in the optical signals input from the IN port, and then upload the corresponding optical signals, and finally output them from the OUT port to Ensure the integrity of optical signal transmission.

 4) Splitter Module (optical splitter module): The fiber splitter is a device used to realize the splitting and combining of light wave energy. It distributes the optical energy transmitted in one optical fiber to two or more optical fibers according to a predetermined ratio, or synthesizes the optical energy transmitted in multiple optical fibers into one optical fiber. The optical splitter module is a combination of multiple optical fiber splitters, splitting the optical energy of one or several input ports into multiple output ports, or combining multiple optical energy into one or several optical fibers. kind of module.


Product outline structure of passive optical module:

1) Cassette: ABS or metal packaging box, the size is defined according to the number of required components and the internal optical path diagram;

2) LGX: a Cassette with male and female buckles, which is one of the Cassettes;

3) Rack Mount: Commonly known as the chassis, the conventional size is 19inch/21inch/23inch, and it is mainly used in the cabinet of the data center.


Passive optical module product performance and reliability requirements:

1) Low IL, Low PDL, High RL, High Isolation;

2) Operating Temperature & Operating Humidity: -40~85℃&5%~95%RH

3) Reliability Test Criterion: GR-1221, GR-1209&GR-326 etc.




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