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Beam combiner product introduction


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Fiber combiner is an optical passive device that couples multiple channels of light into one channel. It is one of the key core components of fiber lasers and is widely used in various types of fiber lasers. In recent years, our company has focused on the research and development and application of various beam combiner products, and has achieved certain results.

Our NX1 (N=2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 19...) type pump combiner adopts the end pumping process, which has the characteristics of high coupling efficiency, low splicing loss and high reliability. , There are a variety of structural packaging forms to meet the application requirements of different power. The following is the performance specification of our NX1 product:


The end-pumping process of the NX1 beam combiner is shown in Figure 2, in which the input fiber bundle is fused and tapered, cut and fused with the output fiber, and then packaged to form a product, as shown in Figure 3.


       (N+1) X1 beam combiner is a pump signal combiner. Among them, (1+1) X1 and (2+1) X1 beam combiners are usually used in small and medium power lasers. This type of beam combiner adopts side pumping technology, which has low signal insertion loss, high pumping efficiency, and high production efficiency. Low cost and other characteristics, and can achieve a very small package size, which is convenient for miniaturization and integration.


        For the high-power (N+1) X1 (N=6, 18) beam combiner, the end-pumping technology similar to the NX1 beam combiner is adopted in the process, and the technical difficulty lies in the control of signal insertion loss. Relevant performance parameters can refer to Figure 6:




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