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In the 5G era, connect everything wirelessly


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The advent of the 5G era will not only change people's lives, but will also accelerate the digital transformation of various industries and reshape the entire industry, from the connection between people to people, to the connection between people and things, and the connection between things and things. We see that the beautiful vision of "everyone is mobile", "everything is connected", and "wireless reshape the entire industry" is becoming a reality.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation mobile communication system. The previous 1G can make calls, 2G can send text messages, 3G can watch pictures, and 4G can watch videos and live broadcasts. Each generation of change is a major technological upgrade. 5G is faster than 4G and has lower latency.


What benefits will 5G bring?

From the perspective of ordinary people, there are three main advantages: fast network speed, no delay, and no congestion. For example, in a self-driving car, you give it a brake signal, and after 40 milliseconds, the car has driven two meters before reacting. This is too long a delay. The 5G network delay is about 1 millisecond. With 5G, self-driving cars can be ordered as soon as they are executed, and the future of self-driving becomes possible. Another example is that when we usually squeeze the subway, watch games, and celebrate New Year’s Eve, we always find that either we can’t connect to 4G, or we can’t post to Moments after connecting. This is because there are too many mobile phones around you and the network is crowded. With 5G, even if 100,000 people watch a football game together, the network will not be crowded, because 5G can make 1 million people per square kilometer devices can access the Internet at the same time. Based on the powerful connection capabilities of 5G, public facilities in various industries in the city can be connected to the intelligent management platform, thereby achieving massive connections, which can help realize the interconnection of everything.


5G is on, the future is here!

Life after the arrival of 5G may look like this: travel in self-driving cars, watch football games in VR, remotely control drones to spray water on farmland, telemedicine, mobile automatic payment, real-time multilingual translation, multiple people and multiple places ensemble…

5G still has many applications. The times are changing, and people must keep pace with the times, or they will be abandoned by the times. The construction of 5G is related to the update and iteration of the entire future technology application, and many applications will be solved. At that time It will also be a truly intelligent era of the Internet of Everything.


According to the report released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, since the beginning of this year, the construction of 5G base stations in my country has been steadily advancing. As of the end of February, the total number of 5G base stations reached 1.506 million, accounting for 15% of the total number of mobile base stations. Among them, 81,000 new 5G base stations were built from January to February. Breaking through 1.5 million 5G base stations in China is a milestone. Since operators obtained 5G commercial licenses in 2019, they have started to build 5G base stations in an orderly manner. The more base stations are built, the operators need to purchase a large amount of communication equipment, and continue to carry out bidding for communication equipment collection.


Founded in 2002, Aoxin Communication is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Hongsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. It has the world's largest production line of high-reliability fused tapered couplers. Its main business includes " fiber couplers , CWDM/DWDM, Mux/Demux modules, optical isolators, fiber combiners, 980nm pump lasers, 1310/ 1550nm DFB laser, TAP PD, MEMS VOA, TO components” and other high-reliability optical communication devices and optical module products R&D, manufacturing and sales.


In recent years, Aoxin Communication 's products have been widely used in aerospace, marine monitoring and other fields due to their high reliability. At present, it has become a component supplier for optical fiber communication 4G, 5G equipment manufacturers, data centers, fiber optic gyroscopes and other manufacturers. It has formed its own characteristics and competitiveness in the research and development, large-scale production and quality control of high-end fiber optic devices in the industry.


The development vision of Aoxin Communications : "to be a global leader in optical fiber products", adhere to customer-oriented, and provide products with higher reliability and higher quality.




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