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"Professional, Special and New" Orte Communication: With the help of digital empowerment, the reliability of optical fiber products has been further improved


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On March 16, orte Communications, “Professionalization, Refinement, Characteristic, Innovation” Little Giant Enterprise, was invited to interview by the well-known local media "Southern Metropolis Daily" in Guangzhou, and cooperated with the Agricultural Bank of China and university researchers to visit and investigate. General Manager Zhijian personally introduced the company's current situation to the guests, and visited the workshop in depth. After the visit, everyone was deeply impressed by orte communication in terms of production technology, technological development, product advantages, etc., appreciated it, and gave professional suggestions.

ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd., was selected into the third batch of specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021. It mainly produces optoelectronic devices such as fiber optic couplers, wavelength division multiplexers, and online optical isolators, which are mainly used in Optical communication, optical fiber sensing and broadcasting and television system equipment. In recent years, orte communication has used digital technology to vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of production technology, so as to continuously improve the reliability of products. At present, fiber optic coupler products have realized the whole process of production and testing automation.


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