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What is optical passive device CCWDM?


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CCWDM is Compact CWDM (compact coarse wavelength division multiplexing), which is a wavelength division multiplexing technology based on TFF (thin film filter). It works in the same way as the CWDM module, the difference is that CCWDM uses free space technology (As shown in Figure 1), compared with the common CWDM optical fiber cascading method (as shown in Figure 2), the CCWDM package size is greatly reduced compared with the CWDM module, and the insertion loss is lower and the consistency is better; it can replace CWDM Products are used in telecommunications, enterprise networks, PON networks, cable TV and other fields. The lower insertion loss makes the CCWDM module have lower signal attenuation during operation, thereby reducing the power requirement for the signal transmitter.

adopts free space technology and uses an independent sealed space for optical signal transmission; the working method is the same as CWDM, and the optical signal is input (output) from the COM port, and then other ports pass through the TFF (thin film filter) outputs (inputs) an optical signal. Because the module adopts the parallel optical path cascading of free space technology, which is different from the optical fiber cascading used in CWDM, it saves a lot of space. HYC's CCWDM box module has a mature production process, stable and reliable performance, and supports the use of -40~+85°C ambient temperature to ensure stable signal transmission.


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