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fiber optic coupler


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A fiber optic coupler is a fiber optic connection device that uses the refraction properties of light in a waveguide to convert the optical signal at the input end into an optical signal available at the output end.

There are many types of fiber optic couplers: single-mode, multi-mode, strip and dispersion.


A fiber optic coupler (optical coaxial transducer) is a device used to realize photoelectric conversion. It usually transmits the light emitted by the light source to the receiving end through an optical system through an optical fiber; it can also use a light-emitting diode or a laser as a light source to directly transmit the light to the receiving end.

classification by structure

Single-core (single-core): only one working wavelength;

Double-core (doubling-core): two operating wavelengths.

Bypass type: Coupling method without intermediate medium.

Application field

Used for electrical/optical conversion and signal transmission and processing, such as communication equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, etc.

The main parameters

Working wavelength (nm) 0.6~1.0 1~3 5~10 20~30 40~50 80~100 100~200 200~300 Above 300;

Wavelength accuracy 10nm;

Insertion loss≤0.02dBm;

Attenuation constant≤0.1%@1kHz;

Maximum output power 50W;

Voltage range 0~5V;

Working temperature -40 ~ +80°C;

Dimensions D×L×H 3mm×2mm×3mm.

fiber optic coupler


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