Company Profile

ORTE Photonics Co.,Ltd was established in August 2002, main directions are high reliability optical communication  components and modules, such as Fused Coupler, CWDM/DWDM, Mux/Demux module, AAWG, In-line Isolator, Combiner, 980nm Pump Laser, 1310/1550nm DFB Laser, PD, and TO, which are involved in the industry of Opto-electronic component manufacturing, belong to the High-tech products mainly supported and developed by the nation. These products are mainly used in “Amplifier, Optical Fiber Gyro, Hydrophone, Laser, 2.5G/10G/40G/100G optical transceiver module, other equipment about optical communication, fiber sensor and broadcast television. The self-researched Low Temperature Glass Welding Encapsulation Technology promises long term stability and reliability of products, and mass production of automatically TO production line promises the consistency of products. Through bringing in and absorbing new technology, we keep innovate our technology and process. ORTE have reached the leading level in domestic area and advanced level in international area of High stability encapsulation technology, Automatic detection technology, High-performance fused pulling technology, Miniaturization, Integration and Intelligent manufacturing technology”, etc.

ORTE has been identified as the National High-tech Enterprise, Technological Little Giant Enterprise in Guangzhou, and the Provincial Technology and Research Center. ORTE is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001 certificated company. ORTE has been committed to “Be the Leading Opto-Electronic Component Enterprise of the World”, and always adhered to the business philosophy of “People-oriented, Science and Technology promoting, international, sustainable development” with fulfilling the product concept of “Reliability from profession, ORTE let me rest assured”. The company currently has the well-known brand “ORTE” in the industry, and has been set up the largest fused optical fiber components R&D and manufacturing base in the global optical communication industry, in which the products’ reliability complies with the standard for Bell Labs GR-1221 and products performance is leading in the industry.

         ORTE, equipped with the provincial technical center which is responsible for researching and developing “new products, new technology and new equipment”, and has strong ability of research, development and project management. The scientific research team is composed of “optical information technology, optic-mechanical integration technology, computer control” and other professional people. The company emphasizes the importance of scientific and technical research and develops strong ability of converting technology achievements, undertakes a lot of national, provincial, and municipal science and technology projects and rolling projects, and has a number of invention patents and software copyrights; the related product is identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province.